Doula Services

Birth Package

  • Unlimited availability by phone, text and email 24/7
  • 2 birth planning sessions
  • 1 postpartum planning session
  • Access our extensive lending library
  • Unlimited labor support
  • 1 birth planning session
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Bump, Birth & Postpartum Package

  • In addition to everything in the base and standard package let us create an amazing postpartum time for you as well with one of the following add ons:
  • 15 daytime postpartum hours
  • 12 hour postpartum doula night shift
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Postpartum Packages

Our postpartum doulas are available to ease the transition of a new baby. We provide things such as newborn care and newborn care tips, light housekeeping, sibling care, feeding assistance, nighttime care (bring baby to mom if breastfeeding at the breast only, otherwise all newborn nighttime care so you can sleep, answer questions about normal newborn and also mother postpartum, refer out if necessary, meal prep, emotional support, provide time for new parents to sleep, shower and eat uninterrupted. We also have personal and professional experience with multiples.

Daytime Hours

  • 0-20 daytime hours $35 an hour
  • 21-40 daytime hours $33 an hour
  • 41-60 daytime hours $31 an hour
  • 61-80 daytime hours $29 an hour
  • 81-100 daytime hours $28 an hour
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Nighttime Hours

  • 8-36 nighttime hours $40 an hour
  • 40-72 nighttime hours $38 an hour
  • 73-108 nighttime hours $36 an hour
  • 109-144 nighttime hours $35 an hour
  • 145-180 nighttime hours $33 an hour
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A La Carte Items

Prenatal and lactation appts $37 an hour
Birth plan consultation $50 an hour
Placenta encapsulation $175
Postpartum meal prep $150
Childbirth education $150 (discount when added to other packages)
Stand alone birth option for repeat pregnancies $750

“Kayla isn't just worried about labor and delivery though, she's mindful of your overall experience before and after delivering just as much as during labor.”


“I was hoping I would be all the comfort my wife needed but in the heat of the moment, I realized she needed more. I just plain didn't know what to do and Brandie did.”

Jamie (Daddy)

“Jennifer was an amazing doula. I never had to ask her to do anything - she just did. And she always seemed to know just what exactly to do.”