At Coeur D’Alene Doula Services, we strongly believe that the importance of doula care doesn’t end at birth. Our doulas will provide unbiased information based on current evidence prenatally to help you sift through birth options and have a firm understanding of your birth preferences. You can be confident we will provide continuous physical and emotional support during labor, regardless of your birth choices and for any outcomes. Then after birth, our postpartum doulas will be there to help ease the transition as you welcome a new baby into your lives.

How Can a Postpartum Doula Help Me?

Emotional Support:

CDA Postpartum DoulaPostpartum Doulas come to you in your home after your baby is born. Sometimes they are the only adult you see all day. This may not feel like much to some but to me it was huge. In moments when I was so desperate to talk to anyone that wasn’t my baby that I would wait by the mailbox hoping to pounce on the mailman when he came, someone coming to my home specifically to focus on what I needed and listen to me talk, was my saving grace. They really listen to everything you say. They don’t care if you want to talk about your baby, or yourself, or the most recent football game. Its all ok. Just talk.

Healing After Birth:

Along with training, these doulas have experience with postpartum discomforts. They can make suggestions for comfort measures for cramps, nipple pain (more on this later), perineum healing, etc. We are well versed in normal post birth occurrences and have a variety of suggestions for most things that come up. They also know when things are not normal and will let you know so you can reach out to your provider.

Sleep, Glorious SleepInfant sleep

The first thing I do when I arrive at someone’s house is ask how much sleep they are getting and when they showered last. These two things can give people a whole new outlook on life.  If a shower is needed we start there. I hold their baby and they take a long uninterrupted shower or soak in the bath. After they are fresh and relaxed, I really encourage a nap, while I care for baby. This allows them to sleep deeply as they know their baby is cared for and they have nothing to worry about. I also provide overnight care, so that mom and dad can both get a good nights rest. I will bring baby in for breastfeeding if desired and other than that, all overnight care is handled by me.

Light Housekeeping:

Our doulas will handle dishes, laundry, sweeping, vacuuming, general tidying. We know how tough it can be to keep up on the housework with a newborn. You are tired from birth and nighttime feedings. Your baby needs a lot of things. We will just take those things off your plate so you can rest and enjoy your baby.

Delicious Food:

Postpartum mealsI always make a nutritious meal while I am there. One of my favorites is my special rice pudding recipe. Its great for postpartum healing and extra energy plus its an amazing comfort food. If desired, I am totally willing to make dinner while I am there or start it in the crockpot so its ready when you are ready to eat it. We also offer a freezer meal prep service. I come to your house and prepare several weeks of dinners that all you have to do is pop in the crockpot or the oven and presto you have a homemade hot meal.

Newborn Care and Infant Feeding Support:

We can offer feeding pointers and suggestions to optimize sleep. Are you having struggles with infant gas or colic, we have tricks that can help and if nothing helps, we can walk the floors, rock, sing and shhhhh and give you a break. Our doulas can help you with breastfeeding if you desire or refer you to an IBCLC for feeding difficulties outside of our scope. We make suggestions for bottle feeding that will reduce reflux and gas. They also recognize normal newborn behaviour, offer newborn care solutions and recommend reaching out to a pediatrician for things that aren’t normal. We can also help with sibling bonding.

Fill your specific needs:Breastfeeding support

Sometimes a family will have a specific need that hasn’t come up before or I didn’t mention. While there are things I may not be willing to do, such as wash your car, or rearrange your furniture; if you have a need that you are unable to meet and I am; I will likely help you. If we are unable to help, we can make referrals to someone who can help!

Is a Postpartum Doula the Right Fit For Your Family?

Did you just have a baby? Do you need a shower or a nap? Are you feeling frazzled or stressed out? Do you need help around the house? Would you benefit from someone to talk to that has been there and understands? Then a postpartum doula is definitely the right fit for your family. Now the goal is finding you the right postpartum doula.Doula CDA