Our team of doulas is available to serve your non-medical needs, as you welcome new family members in North Idaho. We prioritize not only your birth but ensuring a smooth postpartum transition! Each family is matched with birth and postpartum specialists. This also creates a built in birth back-up so no surprises if something unforeseen prevents the primary doula from attending your birth.

We offer birth plan guidance, childbirth education, continuous labor support, breastfeeding support, and professional postpartum care. We service hospitals, birth centers and home births in Coeur D Alene, Post Falls, Hayden, Rathdrum, Stateline, Spirit Lake, Priest River, Twin Lakes, Bayview, Athol, Blanchard, Spokane, and Spokane Valley.

“With Brandie’s support, I felt in control, confident, and strong enough to do what I needed to do.”


“Knowing Kayla's in your corner during your entire birth story, making it as close to perfect as humanly possible, is what every mother really wants during labor and delivery especially.”


"Inviting Jennifer to be part of our journey into parenthood and (first) birth experience was the single best decision we made. When all our preparation still didn't feel like enough, I was able to fully trust her knowledge of and experience with birth."